Monday, January 5, 2009

蘿蔔蹲 Carrots Bend

*Game: 蘿蔔蹲 "Carrots Bend"
* Goal of a lesson: Color recognition (review words-白, 紅) (new words-綠, 黑, 黃 )

How to play--One student (for example, who wears a white-carrot head band) starts saying, "白蘿蔔蹲, 白蘿蔔蹲, 白蘿蔔蹲完, (紅)蘿蔔蹲" after saying the first three phrases, he must point to one of the other carrots and say, (color) carrot bend. That (red) carrot was pointed out must say the chant like this, "紅蘿蔔蹲, 紅蘿蔔蹲, 紅蘿蔔蹲完, (?)蘿蔔蹲" right away. Then, the game repeats the chant depending on which carrot is called.
For the first run, students can say the chant slowly. For the
second or third run maybe the teacher can add more carrots in this game or speed up the chant depending on students' ability.

*Materials: a various color-carrots head bands .


(White carrot and Green carrot)

這是一個很有趣的遊戲唷! it's such a fun game!

他是黑蘿蔔! He’s black carrot!

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